who was I in a past life? Free calculation based on date of birth online.

Past life- based on date of birth.

who was I in a past life? Free calculation based on date of birth online. 1

How to find out who I was in a past life? Why do I need to know this, you may ask? But more and more people are asking themselves this question. Why? It’s quite simple, people subconsciously feel a certain cause-and-effect connection with the past. They believe that most events in life, both positive and negative, occur as a result of past incarnations. Even our character traits and emotional aspects of our personality are closely linked to past incarnations. Creative and intellectual abilities are passed down from generation to generation not by chance. Our magical genetic heritage carefully preserves all talents and selectively bestows them upon the most reliable and proven individuals.

The vast majority skeptically dismisses this knowledge, trying to ignore signs of destiny or simply closing themselves off from anything unusual, considering it to be untrue information. In vain, because what we did not accomplish in our past life or mischievously mishandled, resulting in the suffering of others, comes to us in our present life as lessons, trials, and tests. By knowing what these lessons are for, we can easily navigate the corners and traverse our life path, enjoying and finding pleasure along the way.

You can decode your past life in the Matrix of Destiny method (Karmic Tale) using our free calculator.

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Who was I in a past life?

To accurately explore who you were in a past life, one approach is to use methods such as regression hypnosis, which can provide insights into your previous identities. However, unfortunately, this alone does not answer the question of what to do with this information.

Calculating past life karma based on your date of birth using the Matrix of Destiny method will provide precise answers and recommendations on how to utilize the acquired knowledge. Here is an example of what the calculation of past life karma looks like:

who was I in a past life? Free calculation based on date of birth online. 2

The karma of past lives is located at the bottom of the matrix, denoted as d1, d2, d.

To calculate d1, we need to add d and e.

d1 = d + e

d1 = 11 + 13 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

Next, we calculate d2 using the formula d2 = d + d1.

d2 = 11 + 6 = 17

The sequence always starts with d1. For our given date, we have d1 = 6, d2 = 17, and d = 11. Thus, the karmic tail is 6-17-11, representing a lost talent.

The decoding and description specific to this date will be provided when calculating in the personal account of each karma. This is one of the most important sections in the calculation, combining energies within the matrix. Understanding the lessons and knowing the description of situations will help navigate them correctly. There are a total of 26 possible combinations, all of which are deciphered in our calculator and are available completely free of charge!

Does past life exist?

Everyone decides for themselves whether to believe or not. But usually, the question of “believing or not believing” doesn’t hold much meaning. The laws of karma have not been invalidated! By calculating your past life based on your birth date, you will be surprised by the similarities in life situations and problems. Sometimes, having knowledge and understanding is enough to initiate positive aspects in life and bring about changes in all spheres, from health to financial well-being.

Lack of knowledge does not exempt us from responsibility, remember that? And knowledge makes our lives easier. The description of past incarnations in the Matrix of Destiny method is called the karmic tail – it is that very knowledge that helps us navigate life without breaking the rules, and safely cross the road at the right place.

Finding out about your past life based on your birth date

Discovering who you were in a past life is quite easy! There is no need to undergo expensive regression sessions to explore past lives. The Matrix of Destiny method comes to the rescue. All you need to know is your date of birth. The most challenging part is to use the obtained information correctly because it can be difficult to accept the fact that the difficulties in your life are closely connected to your past incarnation.

It is crucial to take the received information very seriously! After all, your future life and the lives of your children depend on it. All unresolved issues in this incarnation carry over to the next, sometimes in a highly dramatic manner. Take, for example, the karmic debt of 3-13-10: Suicide. The lesson of this program is a senseless life and the refusal to accept one’s life path.

Why is that?

It’s simple: in previous incarnations, the person voluntarily departed from life by committing suicide. Most likely, having a great talent, they were meant to lead and inspire many, but their life was devoid of meaning – that was their choice! The misconception is that the person ignored the fulfilment of their mandatory tasks in that incarnation and fled from their responsibilities, only to receive the same but worse in return.