purpose and 3 main tasks:

purpose and 3 main tasks: 1

The purpose of a person

Many confuse it with choosing a profession, but these are completely different concepts. The purpose of a person is a state or condition they should strive for, such as learning not to be attached to things, believing in oneself, or manifesting certain qualities as a woman or a man.

On the other hand, a profession is what a person will do for a living and how they will express themselves in society. However, to achieve specific skills and tasks, one must work towards them.

Destiny by Date of Birth

We are fortunate to be able to determine our destiny by our date of birth – it is a unique opportunity for everyone. Having a map makes it easier to navigate and not get lost, ensuring that the journey is filled with joy and pleasure

The Purpose of the Soul

Every person ponders their mission on Earth, their soul’s purpose. Some question this in their twenties, some after forty, and others closer to sixty. Age doesn’t matter; it depends on one’s readiness to listen to their higher self and fulfill what they came into this world for.

So, what is the purpose of the soul? In just two, or rather three words, it is to be happy, healthy, and wealthy! Yes, we are born for precisely that, but why is it not always the case? Why does the life of the majority have the complete opposite: chronic illnesses instead of health, a life full of problems and difficulties instead of happiness, and debts and loans instead of wealth?

Everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. Difficulties arise only when a person fails to fulfill their tasks. It is only when one finds themselves in a challenging situation that they begin to seek answers to the accumulated inner questions.

For example, when someone has a toothache, they do everything they can to relieve the pain. Similarly, with the business of one’s entire life, there will be difficulties along the way until one fulfills their true tasks. If you have many difficulties in your life and you are reading this article, it is a wonderful opportunity to start living the way you want, by discovering your soul’s purpose. Below, you can calculate your destiny online for free.

The Main Purposes of life

Up until the age of 20, life often goes by easily and carefree, existing within the energetic field of parents. Diagnosing one’s life purpose helps determine the right direction and move along it. Let’s consider the main life purposes of a person.

From the age of 20 to 40 is the best time to start a family, surround oneself with friends and like-minded individuals. Having good relationships with loved ones brings harmony, positive emotions, and happiness into life.

During this period, before turning 40, a person needs to figure out who they are, what they love, and what they want to do. They face trials, challenging situations, and difficulties that, when overcome, provide answers to their questions. Some tasks may be very challenging.

This period serves as a time of personal growth in all areas of life and is the time to fulfill one’s primary purpose, known as a personal purpose. It is important to remember to maintain a balance between spiritual and inner development and the acquisition of skills necessary in the material world.

After the age of 40, a stage begins where it becomes necessary to share accumulated experience and knowledge, fulfilling one’s purpose for society. When an individual begins to do this, material well-being follows. If a person has found wholeness, discovered answers to their questions, knows who they are and what they want, developed their talents and skills, and created a family, their life unfolds successfully and harmoniously.

There is also a third purpose of the soul that extends throughout our entire life but becomes particularly significant after the age of 60. Throughout the journey of life, it is important to remember and pay attention to one’s inner and spiritual development. This helps find inner strength to overcome difficult moments and feel the support of higher forces.

Sometimes, individuals may go through life lessons earlier, while others may not contemplate them until they reach 60 or later. Some may even fail to build a family. The division of periods is a conceptual notion, as each person has their own path. However, knowing and understanding the main life purposes allows one to easily navigate obstacles and walk their own happy path. We have covered the primary tasks of a person, but each person has their own based on their date of birth, which can be discovered online for free.

Discovering Purpose Online for Free
Our calculator is the simplest and most effective way to learn about your life tasks. Since the information about life purpose is embedded within the date of birth, it encompasses not only the choice of life work but also all aspects of a person’s life. Discovering your life purpose online for free is easy by using the life purpose calculation based on your date of birth.

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For example, the life purpose of a person born on the 22nd of a month may be not to have strong material attachments, to be free-spirited, to travel extensively, and to have a “light” approach to life, trusting in higher powers.