Tarot readings: predictions that will impact about love, work, and finances.

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are consulted for various life questions: romantic relationships, family issues, financial difficulties, or job searches. Tarot readings allow for obtaining practical advice through divination using various methods. There are numerous Tarot spreads, as well as different types of Tarot decks and interpretations. Therefore, for a beginner tarot reader, it is important to choose the most suitable deck of Arcana before seeking answers. Afterward, they can embark on their esoteric journey, progressing from simple to complex spreads. Below are several methods of prediction that may be useful at different stages of exploration.

Spiritual Foundation

There is no need to fear negative predictions because Tarot spreads primarily demonstrate potential outcomes that can be adjusted if desired.

When asking questions to the cards, it is important to be clear and concise to avoid ambiguous answers.

Working with Tarot cards should not be done while in a negative or unstable state of mind. Tarot readings require focus, and external thoughts and emotions can misdirect the energy.

Interpreting Tarot spreads should be done from an objective perspective, without pursuing personal gain. During the process of studying Tarot, it is essential to follow and develop one’s own intuition.

These guidelines adhere to professional ethics, and they should be followed for both simple and complex spreads.

Simple Spread

Before starting your own practice, you will need to study the necessary literature, understand the key symbolism of the Arcana, and practice with elementary spreads. These include one-card, two-card, three-card, and four-card readings.

  1. A simple one-card Tarot spread provides insights into the prospects for the next 24 hours. Masters suggest using only the Major Arcana for this single-card spread. Hold the cards in your hands, ask a pressing question or focus on current affairs, and draw the first card in order or intuitively select any other card with the reverse side facing up.
  2. Multiple-card Tarot spreads offer a more detailed interpretation. For example, a three-card reading explains events from the past, present, and future. In this case, the Arcana are laid out from left to right in order. The first card not only signals what has happened in the past but also provides an understanding of the reasons behind current events. The second card clarifies possible difficulties and risks in the present. The third card summarizes the spread and provides a prediction based on the reading conducted.
  3. Finally, the “Pyramid” Tarot spread, which uses four cards, is interpreted slightly differently. The first open card symbolizes current problems and events. The second card tells about personal experiences. The third card interprets the material aspect of the question. And the fourth card concludes the spread.

For a simple Tarot spread, choose a classic Tarot deck with clear and straightforward illustrations and symbols, so that you don’t have to refer to literary explanations every time.

Tarot Spread: Love Predictions

Romantic spreads are among the most popular ones. After all, in the midst of financial problems and harsh reality, it is important for everyone to know that they are loved and cherished. Moreover, self-realization often depends on satisfying love relationships.

7-card Love Spread

This spread utilizes all the cards from the deck, with 7 cards being drawn.

Answers the most important question: Will true love be found or not?

Indicates how safe it is to be with the beloved.

Reveals the possibility of formalizing the relationship with a partner.

Symbolizes preferences in love and relationships.

Indicates the presence of financial dependency.

Signifies the duration of the state of being in love.

Describes the likelihood of encountering another person.

6-card Meeting Spread

This spread is used when the relationship with a partner becomes burdensome and the querent contemplates a new encounter. In such cases, the following spread, consisting of 6 cards, comes in handy.

The card indicates the likelihood of a meeting.

Implies the zodiac sign affiliation of the new partner.

Signifies compatibility.

Suggests the duration of the relationship.

Speaks about spiritual closeness.

Summarizes the outcome of the new encounter.

Each of these spreads requires the tarot reader and querent to have the appropriate focus. External thoughts should not distract from the romantic theme.

Universal Tarot Spread

If the querent is interested in the overall state of affairs, the “Surprise” spread consisting of 13 Tarot cards would be suitable. Before conducting the spread, it is necessary to select the time period for the reading. Then, a significator is chosen, representing the person for whom the prediction is being made. Afterward, the spread is performed.

Provides insight into the general state of affairs.

The next three cards reveal the possibilities, prospects, and risks that await the querent in the near future.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh cards prophesy about a more distant period.

The eighth and ninth cards address the material aspect of the situation.

The tenth and eleventh cards speak of the querent’s experiences.

The twelfth card serves as an advisor that can minimize risks.

The final card always summarizes the spread.

This particular spread helps to gain orientation in all areas of life, including work and romantic relationships.

Tarot Spread: Career Reading

Work plays a crucial role in a person’s life. The quality of life and other related consequences depend on how relationships in the workplace develop and how successful the career path becomes.

A career reading is performed using a significator card and eight additional Arcana cards.

Indicates upcoming employment or job change.

Implies possible options.

The third and fourth cards represent work conditions.

The fifth and sixth cards pertain to relationships in the workplace.

The seventh card reveals fateful circumstances that influence the work process.

Summarizes the financial and career prospects.

In any case, Tarot readings help the querent to view upcoming events from a new perspective, evaluate all prospects and risks, and ultimately influence a fateful decision that can profoundly change the future.