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Karmic Tail- 26 combinations in the Matrix of Destiny and the karma of past lives

Karmic Tail

Karmic Tail- 26 combinations in the Matrix of Destiny and the karma of past lives 1

This is a very complex but also very interesting topic. Knowing one’s karmic tail, which is the main purpose of a person, the lesson from which the most challenging problems arise, one can avoid negative situations.
The Matrix of Destiny, the karma of past incarnations, tells us about unresolved tasks from past lives and what karmic lesson will be present in the current life.
In the Matrix of Destiny method, calculating the karmic tail is quite simple. In the image, the combination of numbers at the bottom of the matrix represents the karma of past lives.

Karmic tail 15-8-11

Let’s analyze the karmic tail of past incarnations as an example: Physical aggression. A typical situation… a woman lives with an alcoholic and suffers for years, while blaming everyone and everything.
All of this is because she herself suffered from alcohol or drug addiction in a past life and caused suffering to others. In this life, it is important to understand and accept her partner with his vice. As a result of this acceptance, the situation will be corrected: either the man will abruptly stop drinking or he will leave, clearing the path for new relationships.

Karmic tail 6-17-11Karmic Tail- 26 combinations in the Matrix of Destiny and the karma of past lives 2

6-17-11, the lost talent. The person in a past incarnation possessed a certain talent but failed to actualize it. In the current life, they are presented with the same challenge once again. It is extremely difficult for such an individual to hear themselves; they are constantly searching, experimenting, learning, and desiring to engage in something exceptional. However, they are constantly distracted by circumstances such as job promotions, financial problems, or health issues. The main task is to listen to oneself, uncover their talent, and engage in something extraordinary that has long attracted them. By fulfilling these conditions, life unfolds in all its magnificence.

Karmic tail 6-5-17

The pride of people with the karmic tail 6-5-17 is astonishing. At first glance, they may appear modest and shy. However, as you start interacting with them, you notice their raised head, as if they consider themselves superior to you. They have an expectation that others should at least help them. Interestingly enough, people do help them – they assist in getting into college, finding a job, and so on.

But here’s the catch: despite knowing how to live and enjoy life, they experience setbacks and constant problems. This is because in the past, they excessively and undeservedly boasted, receiving all sorts of blessings. The lesson for people with the karmic tail 6-5-17 in their present life is to achieve everything on their own. It is crucial to traverse the path oneself, climbing the ladder from the bottom to the top without relying on assistance.


Karmic tail 21-4-10

21-4-10, the oppressed soul. This refers to a person who is constantly oppressed and belittled, being told that they are worse, incapable, and unable to handle things. For instance, if they decide to start a business and find a business partner with experience, they believe that everything will work out through their combined efforts. However, astonishing things happen – the partner starts oppressing, humiliating, and persecuting them, pointing out their flaws. The main task for such an individual is to follow their own path and understand that they, too, are capable, valuable, and worthy. By believing in themselves, life starts to unfold in a magical way.

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Karmic tail 18-6-6

18-6-6, Love magic. In a past life, the person passionately loved someone who did not reciprocate those feelings. They used love magic on their own or with the help of others. Depriving others of their freedom is not acceptable. In the present life, this person receives inadequate love from their parents. As a result, they spend their entire life searching for love and trying to fill the gaps from their childhood. It often seems that they are not loved or valued. Individuals with the karmic tail 18-6-6 constantly yearn for love, affection, and tactile contact.

Karmic tail 9-3-21

9-3-21, The typical manifestation of the Supervisor program. This is when a person enjoys making everyone around them indebted. They help others under any pretext, even when not asked. They intentionally lend money, knowing that the person will not repay it. All of this is done to energetically control others. However, at a certain point, everything crumbles, and they themselves need help, but no one wants to provide it. This happens because in a past life, they supervised prisoners and rejoiced in not being in their place.

Karmic tail 18-9-9

18-9-9, Wizard. Seclusion. Non-acceptance of knowledge. In a past life, this person had access to magical knowledge but did not share it. In the present life, they are given knowledge again, but they will have to work hard to uncover and apply it. At times, there is a fear of sharing knowledge.

Karmic tail 9-18-9

9-18-9, Magical sacrifice. It manifests as a strong fear of becoming a victim of others’ manipulations. This person avoids anything secretive or unexplainable, even simple interactions with psychologists. They even deny scientifically proven knowledge. Distrust and fear are constant companions in their life. This is because in a past life, they became a victim of magical influence or were strongly influenced by another person.

Karmic tail 9-9-18

9-9-18, Wizard, magical knowledge. In a past life, there was an opportunity to gain access to secret or even magical knowledge. This person used it, but at some point, something went wrong. It scared them and put a block on their unusual abilities. Now, they avoid making even the simplest decisions, no longer wanting to control life situations, and distancing themselves from making any choices.

There is no desire to control their own energy, which they have in abundance by nature. However, life will constantly bring mysterious and magical experiences. No matter how grounded this person may think, there will always be room for the unexplainable.

Karmic tail 15-20-5

15-20-5, Rebel. In a past life, this person was a descendant of a powerful and strong lineage. Their family had high expectations, but those expectations were not fulfilled. In the present life, they are born into a family with broken ancestral connections. It’s possible that someone was excluded from the lineage. As a result, a rebellious nature emerges, and they begin to act differently than expected. They may distance themselves from their family, have a low-key wedding, and so on. However, the further they distance themselves, the more serious difficulties they will face in their life.

Karmic tail 15-5-8

15-5-8, Betrayal, family passions. In a past life, a person with the 15-5-8 program either engaged in infidelity within the family or had a drug addiction, causing pain as a result. In the present life, the person may appear decent at first glance but reverts to their old ways. There is a constant change of partners or encountering a partner with an alcohol or drug addiction, thus drawing them in.

Karmic tail 18-3-12

In a past life, someone with the karmic tail 18-3-12 experienced physical suffering. Their body had defects, and they were unable to move normally, leading to disability. However, this person did not accept these shortcomings and was dissatisfied with their fate. In the present life, two extremes are possible. There is a fear of injuries and disabilities, and any potential danger to health triggers panic. On the other hand, there is a tendency to experiment with one’s own body and test its limits.

Karmic tail 9-15-6

9-15-6, The world of passions and fairy tales manifested in a past life as a choice between stable relationships with a loved one and indulging in passionate affairs. The latter was chosen. In the present life, they face another crossroad that begins in their youth when they have their first relationships but develop extramarital attractions. This person is highly attractive and magnetizing to others. The variety continues, but they cannot be satisfied. Indulgence often leads to problems with work and health.

Karmic tail 12-19-7

12-19-7, Warrior. In a past life, this individual was a powerful warrior, possessing great strength and authority. However, they used their power to bring death and destruction to people. In this life, they can be a peaceful person, but a chain of events inevitably draws them into various external conflicts. These conflicts may not be direct military confrontations but rather hidden opposition and clashes of interests. This is an incorrect outcome, resulting in problems where the person finds themselves fighting against those who were once on their side.

There are also combinations such as:

9-12-3 Lonely woman
3-22-19 Unborn child
12-16-4 Emperor
21-10-16 Spiritual priest
6-8-20 Disillusionment of lineage
3-7-22 Imprisoned, unfree soul
21-7-13 Destruction, death to many souls
15-8-11 Physical aggression
18-6-15 Dark magician
6-20-14 Soul sacrificed
21-10-7 Warrior of faith
3-13-10 Suicide
6-14-8 Dictator