Compatibility according to the Matrix of Destiny consists of 15 criteria.

Compatibility in the matrix of destiny

Compatibility according to the Matrix of Destiny is a modern esoteric methodology that allows you to determine how well partners suit each other, why you subconsciously chose this particular person, and how to build harmonious relationships with your significant other or business partner.

When entering into new relationships or starting collaboration with a new partner, most people wonder, “Did they make the right choice?” Practically everyone would like to have a guide that directs them in life, pointing to the person with whom it is worth starting a business or creating a family.

If you currently feel unsure about your choice, don’t understand if you’re moving in the right direction and with the right person, we suggest turning to the Matrix of Destiny based on your birth date.

Compatibility according to the matrix of destiny: what does it show?

Knowing the birth dates of two people in a relationship, you can calculate the compatibility of partners according to the matrix of destiny. The interaction of two birth charts creates a unified field of soul connections. Various actions from the participants in the relationship can strengthen or disrupt this contact. Analyzing the personal codes of individuals allows us to identify points of intersection and potential causes of divergence.

The overall map of the matrix of destiny for two individuals is an assessment of their compatibility in various areas of life. This methodology is used to calculate the compatibility of spouses, lovers, and business partners according to the matrix of destiny. The calculation presents potential scenarios for the development of the partnership in the future and helps understand what unites or separates people.

Compatibility according to the birth date matrix is not a sentence or an unconditional recommendation. It represents an analysis of relationships of various natures: commercial, financial, marital. The compatibility of a man and a woman according to the matrix of destiny shows the mechanism for building a harmonious and prosperous family. The main value lies in the multifaceted interpretation of the qualities of the union’s participants.

Compatibility according to the matrix of destiny is not only about identifying negative or positive characteristics of partners; it is an objective assessment of their interaction with each other.

Decoding the compatibility matrix of destiny

The compatibility matrix of destiny chart determines:

  • The couple as a single entity, taking into account the characteristics of each individual’s character.
  • The function of the union (value to society).
  • The social significance of the couple.
  • The impression the union makes on the surrounding environment.
  • The main emerging problems that hinder development.
  • The degree of reliability of feelings.
  • The joint direction of development.
  • Prospects for further growth.
  • The key link, which is the leader of the couple.
  • Possible causes of conflicts.
  • The result of combining professional skills.
  • Hidden desires of the parties.
  • The maximum duration of the relationship.
  • The financial position of the union.
  • Common interests, desires, goals.

The goal of the calculation is to demonstrate the result of combining the characteristics, preferences, abilities, and ideas of the participants in the analyzed relationships. Decoding the compatibility matrix of destiny explains the key factors for building full and stable relationships: how to stimulate trust and avoid most negative consequences.

It allows you to anticipate initially problematic relationships and prevent the occurrence of unpleasant situations. Of course, you are not obligated to end complicated relationships on the day you receive the matrix chart. Upon receiving the calculation, you will see the path to achieving the desired balance. A harmonious union is the result of regular and uninterrupted work. According to statistics, the compatibility according to the matrix of destiny in strong families rarely reaches 100 percent.

The secret of a loving couple lies in having a common goal, a similar approach to problems, and a willingness to find solutions together. However, it is precisely the calculation that will show the very foundations on which to focus in order to achieve the desired harmony.

Should you believe in compatibility according to the matrix of destiny?

The decision to believe or not is entirely up to you. In most cases, even skeptics acknowledge the validity of the methodology. Undoubtedly, online compatibility calculation according to the matrix of destiny cannot be the ultimate truth. We all constantly evolve, improve ourselves, and struggle with our flaws, while paying special attention to our virtues.

However, the qualities that are inherent in us from birth remain with us for a lifetime. We may hide them or show them to others, but disregarding them in building relationships would be unwise and hasty. The key is to remember that believing in compatibility according to the matrix of destiny does not mean accepting only one possible way of developing relationships with a partner or in a business alliance.

Online compatibility matrixes allow us to look at romantic relationships or business partnerships from a different perspective. The compatibility matrix shows what aspects to pay attention to in order to maintain healthy relationships, overcome difficulties, and find balance.

Use the free compatibility calculator

Compatibility analysis is a guide for relationships. Whether or not to follow the provided guide is up to you. We guarantee that if you choose to go down this path, you won’t regret it. The result of such a choice will be a comfortable and trusting atmosphere in your relationship with your partner.

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Finding financial stability. Realization of joint goals. Spiritual growth.

The Sky
The Earth

The embodiment of financial potential, the solution of generic tasks, the unification of genera. Realization in society.


The stage of the relationship in which the partners respect each other's personality and feel complete unity.