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date of birth by numerological calculation

Numerology calculation

Numerology calculation based on the date of birth involves calculating digital combinations associated with a person’s birth date. Since ancient times, numbers have been endowed with magical properties. Numerology is an esoteric discipline that explores the unexplained connection between numbers and a person’s life. Numerologists believe that a person’s destiny is encoded in numbers.

It is commonly believed that each number has a “positive” and “negative” manifestation. This positive and negative aspect of numbers indicates that there is no fatalism in a person’s destiny, and their life path can be positively influenced, regardless of the challenges they may face. Numerology calculations are represented by various systems such as:

  • Matrix of Destiny (the best numerological system)
  • Calculation of the psychomatrix (Pythagorean square)
  • Angelic numerology
  • Chinese numerology
  • Vedic numerology
  • Numerology with tarot
  • Karmic numerology
  • Predictive numerology
  • Classical numerology, and many other systems.

If one pays attention, it can be observed that numbers accompany us throughout our lives. Numbers, like shadows, seem to be invisible companions that follow a person through life, whether it’s their date of birth or wedding date. Numbers are everywhere; they surround a person. In addition to the date of birth, numerology calculations can interpret numbers such as house and apartment numbers, phone numbers, various document numbers, and even encountered symbols.

The influence of numbers was noticed in ancient times when numbers were given mythical and sometimes mystical significance. In ancient times, people believed that numbers could govern people’s lives. The ancient Greek scholar Pythagoras developed a numerological calculation that continues to generate significant interest to this day.

Online numerology calculation based on the date of birth.

Among the wide variety of numerological systems, we would like to highlight the Matrix of Destiny method. This method is very interesting, and thanks to numerous schools, it continues to bring new discoveries and tools for self-discovery through the method.

By studying various methodologies from different sources, we have gathered complete information on the method up to the present moment and have created a convenient automatic calculation with a decryption for each date. Only the person’s date of birth is required for the calculation. All calculations are performed according to specific formulas. Thousands of numerologists appreciate this method for its high accuracy and consistent answers to questions such as:

  • Personal qualities
  • Talents
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Destiny
  • Sexuality
  • Programs
  • Health recommendations
  • Description of past lives and lessons in this one
  • Yearly forecast
  • Relationships with parents and children
  • Life guidance
  • Compatibility calculation

Our unique development, which has no analogues in the world, is the function of automatic calculation of the Matrix of Destiny with a complete detailed decryption and description of all sections of the matrix.

Information about you:
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Chakra name Physics Energy Emotions
Destiny, egregores
Destiny, egregores
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Mix of male and female. Building relationships. Skills.


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Spiritual knowledge

Spiritual exam. Who am I for the God? Do I have anything spiritual inside?

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Numerology calculations for free

By using our calculator, you can independently and completely free of charge decipher the meanings of numbers in various sections: personal characteristics, karmic tail (past life), sexuality, matrix programs, and also obtain an accurate forecast for the current year.

In the compatibility calculator, one of the sections is also available for free: “the purpose of the couple’s meeting.” Compatibility can be calculated, and an automatic decryption can be obtained by entering your date and your partner’s date. Give it a try, it’s very simple.

Characteristics of a person in numerology

The date of birth can reveal much more about a person than they may know about themselves. Even when a person disagrees, it does not mean that the numerological characteristics of the person are incorrect. Sometimes it is challenging to acknowledge one’s negative qualities. As mentioned before, each number has both positive and negative states. When a person is in a negative state, especially across multiple numbers, it can be difficult to accept and understand what is being read. Numerology’s characteristics of a person accurately describe the life path of individuals through numbers and numerical combinations.

The purpose of each person is to develop the talents given to them at birth. Numerological calculations come to the aid in this process because they mark the beginning of the journey towards self-discovery, self-awareness, and fulfilling one’s purpose. It is believed that the path to fulfilling one’s purpose begins with self-knowledge, acceptance of the strengths and weaknesses of one’s personality. Numerology allows for the calculation of a person’s code based on their date of birth, providing guidance on how to move forward in life.

Numerology’s code of a person The code of a person is a comprehensive concept that includes various numerical combinations. To facilitate the calculation of your own code, we have created a step-by-step instructional guide that explains how to construct a person’s code using the Matrix of Destiny method.