9 Arcanum, The Hermit

9 Arcanum, The Hermit

9 Arcanum in the “plus”

9 Arcanum in the “plus”

The 9th Arcanum possesses a prominent characteristic – self-sufficiency. They prefer solitude over noisy company. Detachment from the world enables a deeper self-awareness and focus on work. They have a love for acquiring new knowledge and wisdom, complemented by a rich life experience, a generous spirit, and empathetic abilities. People are drawn to them for help and advice.

They make pleasant conversationalists, tactful and careful in offering advice and recommendations. Their endeavors are marked by thoroughness and responsibility. Working alone suits them best as they do not rely on external assistance; they are capable of finding information on their own.

They dislike the imposition of others’ perspectives. When it comes to choosing a life partner, they approach it with utmost seriousness, often entering into marriage in mature years. They possess a strong love for their partner and lifelong loyalty. They keep their personal relationships private and do not seek to display them publicly. Excessive emotional display may be perceived as a lack of upbringing and refinement. They have the ability to be the best friend who always comes to one’s aid.

However, they have only a few truly close individuals. They approach new acquaintances cautiously, preferring those who have stood the test of time and circumstances. Their character is characterized by kindness, straightforwardness, and honesty. Often, individuals of this type are found among scholars, although teaching or entrepreneurship can also be successful pursuits for them.

9 Arcanum in the “minus”

9 Arcanum in the “minus”

The love for solitude can push the 9th Arcanum of destiny to extreme seclusion. Such an individual harbors doubts about people, is often distrustful, and rarely allows anyone close to them. They dislike it when others invade their personal space without permission or take their belongings without asking. You rarely find them in crowded places; secluded corners of a park (with a useful book in hand) become their oasis of relaxation.

However, they show little concern for themselves, their health, and physical well-being. They pay no attention to fashion and prefer comfort in their clothing. They may appear disheveled or unkempt from an outsider’s perspective, but it doesn’t bother them. The opinions of others do not affect their emotional state. They may exhibit thoughtfulness and an excessive adherence to logic, which hinders not only their advancement in knowledge but also their interactions with others.

Their speech is filled with obscure phrases and words that are inaccessible to most. Such individuals fear loneliness while simultaneously creating the conditions for it. The 9th Arcanum of destiny may feel superior to others, leading to excessive pride and judgment of others. It becomes challenging for them to find a partner for long-lasting and stable relationships, often engaging in indiscriminate connections.

It is unfortunate if they hoard knowledge within themselves and fail to share or utilize it for the benefit of others. They may pursue learning for the sake of the process itself and acquiring knowledge to elevate themselves above the world. Job searches may stretch on for years as they struggle to start from scratch, preferring to have everything immediately. They are reluctant to invest prolonged effort in a given task.

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9 Arcanum in society

Such an individual can truly open up and reveal themselves only in a calm atmosphere, silence, and solitude, and even then, not immediately. They may come across as overly strict and stern if they struggle to express their feelings, tenderness, and attachment with words. Deep down, these people can be vulnerable and afraid of making mistakes.

Interactions with society are important as long as they do not drain too much energy and provide opportunities for self-development. If they spend a significant amount of time in solitude, occasionally emerging in social settings, others will immediately be drawn to them like a magnet, eager to share their experiences and seek their advice. The role of a spiritual mentor is crucial in such situations.

9 Arcanum recommendations

9 Arcana in the matrix of destiny can choose any field that resonates with them. They will achieve remarkable success in it. Intellectual work is the realm of such individuals. It is important to develop not only logical thinking but also intuition, the ability to listen to the signals within oneself. It is essential to share acquired knowledge when approached. In such moments, one should act gently and unobtrusively.

One should not only offer intellectual assistance but also physical help. Weeding a garden, taking out the trash, or simply going grocery shopping can help clear the mind of unnecessary information and provide a respite for the entire body. There is no need to fear solitude (as it is in seclusion that the most significant discoveries and insights occur), but one should not isolate oneself from society for too long.

It is advisable to expand one’s social circle, getting to know people based not only on intellect but also shared interests or emotional compatibility. Going for walks in a large group or spending a vacation with someone from another country can be the best therapy for introversion and self-consciousness. One should not dwell on accumulated knowledge and past mistakes. The ability to let go of past grievances will help gain new life experiences.

There is no need to be afraid of opening one’s soul in response to someone else’s trust. To replenish strength and life energy, it is beneficial to spend more time in nature. It can also be beneficial to have a pet at home.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 9 Arcanum (Wikipedia)