8 Arcanum, Strength

8 Arcanum, Strength
8 Arcanum in the “plus”


8 Arcanum in the “plus”

The 8th Arcana represents independence and depth in aspirations, feelings, and thoughts. There is often a tendency to seek truth and justice in their existential sense. They have a love for attending various courses, studying causal relationships, laws of destiny, and karma. They are responsible individuals who often protect the weak. They are open, friendly towards others, and fearless.

When faced with various problems, they strive to analyze everything from different angles and come to a solution. They do not neglect the practical aspect of their work. There will be no results if something is not pleasing or advantageous from both a material and moral standpoint. They have the ability to help in stressful situations, act quickly, and make decisions.

The 8th Arcana of Destiny sees and understands things at a deeper level than others. They can reach the true essence and cause of different phenomena with self-assurance and sufficient calmness. However, inner harmony and balance are necessary for comfortable existence. In this state, the essence and important qualities of their personality are best manifested.

8 Arcanum in the “minus”

8 Arcanum in the “minus”

With their love for truth and justice, the 8th Arcana often interferes where they shouldn’t and only makes things worse. If they cannot influence a situation, they often take it very personally, to the point of falling into depression. Alternatively, they may behave quite aggressively, complain about injustice, and provoke conflicts and disputes. They may accuse someone without understanding the situation or take sides in a fight for justice without carefully listening to the arguments of the other side.

The 8th Arcana of Destiny fails to learn from their mistakes. They repeatedly make the same blunders. They react very sensitively to criticism and the well-intentioned help from loved ones and colleagues. They often see everything in life as either “black” or “white.” They struggle to comprehend certain things and therefore pass judgment. Their inability to cope with negative emotions on their own leads to the development of various dependencies (alcohol, drugs, gambling) that provide a quick release from negative energy.

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8 Arcanum in society

It is characteristic of strong personalities to act as judges or lawyers in various disputes. It is not surprising that the 8th Arcana of Destiny chooses a similar profession. Defending the oppressed and humiliated becomes the meaning of life. The individual genuinely derives pleasure from their work. However, it is important to learn to listen to both sides, avoiding hasty decisions and quick judgments. It is crucial to engage in more communication with different people and not isolate oneself, obtaining information through various means, not just from books.

To broaden one’s horizons and social circle, attending various seminars and training sessions is recommended. Organizing collective events more often helps create a cohesive and strong team capable of tackling any task. One should not isolate themselves from what they dislike or perceive as unjust. On the contrary, it is important to maintain contact in order to understand the phenomenon or the deeper motives of individuals. The world is as it is, and one must come to terms with this fact and strive to maintain emotional stability and composure.

8 Arcanum recommendations

One should strive to learn to maintain a golden mean in everything and preserve neutrality. For such an individual, it is important not to seek justice but to search for truth, hidden motives, and processes that govern people and events. Cultivating positive thinking in oneself and others, attempting to see a lesson in every challenging situation and extract personal benefit from it.

Genuine feelings and emotions should not be concealed from society, especially not from loved ones. They serve as the foundation for a person’s emotional well-being. It is best not to interfere in disputes and conflicts unless necessary. Sometimes it is better to remain silent. In one’s personal life, it is advisable to establish a specific code of conduct, to cease being like a child, getting upset and disappointed due to a lack of trust from others.

One should strive to choose the most optimal solution to a problematic situation, avoiding harm to oneself or others. Judging others will also yield no good results. Sharing unverified information for discussion will undermine one’s credibility and turn the collective against oneself. It is important to continue learning and developing in various directions, remaining open to new experiences.

However, one should not rush to immediately convey newly acquired information. It is beneficial to undergo personal experiences and process the information internally. Keeping a journal is recommended for such individuals. A clear daily routine, or better yet, a planned month, will bring order to one’s thoughts and emotions. When you know what you truly want, you will have time to cultivate inner harmony.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 8 Arcanum (Wikipedia)