7 Arcanum, The Chariot

7 Arcanum, The Chariot

7 Arcanum in the “plus”


7 Arcanum in the “plus”

The 7th Arcanum of destiny embodies the energy of a conqueror, representing significant strength and activity. It is almost always in motion. Great ambitions and strong leadership qualities help in constantly striving towards the goal. Independence entails taking responsibility not only for oneself but also for others. There is a focus on results and a love for planning and strategizing.

An active life position is combined with optimism and a buoyant spirit. Continuous movement is necessary. Excellent driving skills and a fondness for spending a significant amount of time behind the wheel and traveling contribute to this. Traveling becomes an integral part of broadening one’s horizons and acquiring new knowledge.

This lifestyle charges with energy and promotes even greater mobility. It is beneficial to choose sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is often a tendency to work like a true workaholic, which not only motivates oneself but also inspires others with one’s vibrant personality.

However, self-realization remains paramount above all else. It is important for such individuals to see visible results from their efforts. They will not strive to excel in a task if it does not benefit those around them. The material aspect is also significant. The higher the income from a venture, the more attention will be given to achieving the goal.

7 Arcanum in the “minus”

Arcanum in the “minus”

The 7th Arcanum of destiny embodies an uncompromising attitude, both towards oneself and others. It operates on the principle of survival of the fittest, where the use of force in conflict situations becomes a habitual response. This individual can exhibit aggressive and combative behavior when someone stands in their way. The focus is primarily on achieving results rather than considering the means and methods employed. There may be a tendency towards authoritarianism.

Maintaining a constant state of alertness can make it challenging for this person to relax and be indifferent to their physical well-being. They expect those around them to meet certain standards of behavior and appearance. Excessive tension can trigger episodes of aggression and frustration when others do not conform to their life perspective.

In situations where self-realization is hindered, this individual may redirect their frustration towards loved ones. They may engage in numerous tasks simultaneously, yet fail to see them through to completion. Sometimes, they intentionally create difficulties for themselves, perceiving life as a constant battle. If there is nothing to fight against, they may fall into a state of apathy.

To counterbalance this intensity, individuals of the 7th Arcanum often seek adrenaline rushes in various domains, such as target shooting, extreme mountain climbing, or skiing. These activities provide the necessary excitement and keep them engaged.


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7 Arcanum in society

For constant movement and growth, it is essential for such individuals to have numerous contacts. It becomes challenging to express emotions and feelings without having like-minded individuals or companions. It is important to seek out someone who shares similar values and can provide understanding and balance. Often, this role is fulfilled by a family member (spouse, parents, or even a child).

Frequently, a close friend from school takes on the role of a calming influence. They are the easiest to confide in and seek assistance from, relieving some of the responsibilities. However, personal development must still be pursued independently. Being an eloquent speaker is not necessary to articulate thoughts clearly and convey them to one’s team. Processes will flow more smoothly and quickly if artificial obstacles are not created.

7 Arcanum recommendations

It is crucial to harness personal potential for peaceful purposes, especially when the 7th Arcana of Destiny is present in the matrix. Strive for every endeavor to not only contribute to self-realization but also be beneficial to others. Do not be afraid to express thoughts and ideas, as they set the direction for the entire team. It is beneficial to learn to see shades of gray in life instead of sharply dividing everything into good and bad.

The ability to self-manage and restrain excessive aggression, mastering bouts of aggression, is important. Such individuals should focus on development not only physically but also internally and spiritually. Achieving balance within oneself can be aided by engaging in active sports combined with passive relaxation (reading light literature, walks in the park, soothing cosmetic procedures).

The key lies in listening to oneself and trusting one’s own sensations. Any passivity, laziness, or doubts that may arise are easier to overcome within a team. Therefore, it is beneficial to delegate some responsibilities to others. Learning to articulate thoughts and desires, effectively communicating them to others, is valuable. Most importantly, progress toward goals should be steady, avoiding conflicts and contentious moments.

Even in the face of internal storms, it is important to cultivate calmness and maintain a rational mindset, avoiding emotional outbursts toward loved ones. Lack of understanding and support can undermine even the strongest leader.

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