6 Arcanum, The Lovers

6 Arcanum, The Lovers

6 Arcanum in the “plus”

6 Arcanum in the “plus”

At the forefront are relationships with people and the surrounding world, which define the entirety of one’s existence. Attractiveness in such individuals is coupled with sociability. As engaging conversationalists, they easily win sympathies and connect with new people.

This leads to a wide circle of acquaintances. Their emotional nature and desire for romance are complemented by a penchant for sensual pleasures. They fall in love easily themselves and make others fall in love with them. Without a constant sense of joy in life, interest in what happens beyond the perimeter of their home diminishes. Being around such individuals is always tense, as mood swings occur quite frequently.

They often surround themselves with exquisite things and take care of their appearance, as they greatly value beauty in all aspects and strive to look exceptional in any circumstances. The desire to have the very best often leads to significant financial difficulties. Living within their means is not for them. A vibrant life does not tolerate a meticulous accounting of money. Monotonous and routine work triggers depression and apathy, reducing productivity and the quality of services provided.

Their inability to live for an extended period without a festive atmosphere is evident, which is why they frequently host gatherings or attend parties. Being in the spotlight becomes the primary purpose of their life. The feeling of comfort, harmonious happiness, and mutual attraction with the opposite sex is highly desirable. The 6th Arcana of Destiny is open to social interactions and does not adhere to conservative views on society as a whole.


6 Arcanum in the “minus”

6 Arcanum in the “minus”

The 6th Arcana of Destiny can be overly dependent on other people’s opinions of them. They are deeply hurt by negative feedback and bad actions, which can disturb their emotional equilibrium. Often, they withdraw from new experiences, preferring to live day by day, seizing the present moment. Instances of seeking revenge for shattered hopes are not uncommon. The desire to demonstrate independence drives them to impulsive actions that hinder personal growth.

They typically place emphasis on their appearance, style, and the ambiance of their homes. The same judgmental approach applies to those around them, primarily assessing superficial qualities and surface-level attributes. By prioritizing appearances over character and intellect, they risk becoming a conceited snob devoid of family, friends, and genuine support, forgetting the true meaning of sincerity. The fear of loneliness often leads them to rush into new relationships without careful consideration. The constant pursuit of an ideal partner can lead to disappointment in the opposite sex.

They exhibit sufficient impulsiveness in their emotions and actions. It is their habit to pass judgment on everything (though not always accurately). They tend to be idealistic and view the world through rose-tinted glasses. Along with their childlike spontaneity, they may display excessive immaturity and a lack of trust. Relying solely on themselves and their own experiences makes them “deaf” to genuine emotional expressions.

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6 Arcanum in society

Loud gatherings, fun, and entertainment consume a lot of time. It’s great to have many friends, acquaintances, and companions. It doesn’t matter what they talk about; what matters is the connection and exchange of information. Their buoyant nature enables them to organize celebrations better than others. However, they should strive to be less dependent on the opinions of others. The result should bring inner satisfaction, not just the praise of others.

It’s not worth holding grudges against people and harboring hatred within oneself. The less negativity they carry, the easier it will be to navigate through life and attract the right contacts, the right people. It’s better to speak about others impartially, refraining from passing judgments. And if they’re feeling down, they shouldn’t isolate themselves and refuse to engage with others. They can entrust their well-being to others in exchange for support and unconditional acceptance. The key is not to forget about treating each other with kindness, as there is a risk of receiving counterfeit loyalty otherwise.

6 Arcanum recommendations

It’s important to help people surround themselves with beauty, because this is the person’s vocation. It’s needed to give them a feeling of lightness and celebration. This person should try not to condemn others and perceive reality as it is. It’s important to learn not only to accept, but also to give love without any expectations. It’s good to appreciate in people not only external beauty and generally cling less to all external. The person should think positively in all situations and try to be honest with oneself.

This person should develop versatile and develop the person’s character, regardless of the opinions of others. It’s important to live one’s rules and internal laws. It’s good to be more confident in oneself and give love to those who need it and will be able to appreciate the person. One shouldn’t strive to look too perfect. The person is already loved and accepted for a cheerful character, optimism and tons of ​​energy that the person gives with the presence in the life of people.

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