5 Arcanum, The Hierophant

5 Arcanum, The Hierophant

5 Arcanum in the “plus”


5 Arcanum in the “plus”

In life, various rules and traditions play a significant role. There is a strict adherence to norms and laws, and a desire to encourage others to do the same. There is a love for exact sciences and authoritative knowledge, and a lack of inclination towards experiments or adventures of any kind. However, they are not averse to participating in questionable activities if it contributes to their personal development. They excel at mentoring and nurturing, which positively impacts their relationships with children.

Such individuals make excellent teachers and educators. Children willingly share their secrets with them, knowing that misbehaviour will be met with encouragement rather than punishment. Family plays a vital role in their lives. They approach the choice of life partner responsibly, relying on long-standing traditions and values. Their family life is not put on public display. Respect and support become dominant qualities among all family members. They possess excellent oratory skills, constantly seek new knowledge, and enjoy teaching others.

Often, they pursue multiple higher education degrees and participate in self-improvement courses. Established truths are considered the most reliable. They frequently choose careers related to teaching, law enforcement, or jurisprudence. Their logical thinking and analytical abilities are highly developed. They embrace career transitions without difficulty or distress. As the 5th Arcanum of Destiny, they easily adapt to new environments and achieve success without relying on external assistance.

5 Arcanum in the “minus”

5 Arcanum in the “minus”

Within the confines of laws and norms, there is a catch in their thinking. It is impossible to protect oneself from all the contingencies and situations of life with rules and regulations. Many things are beyond their control. Moreover, strict adherence to academic knowledge limits further development. Such individuals are ill-adapted to real life. Even the smallest difficulties trigger a sense of panic.

They cannot make important decisions independently without support from family or colleagues. Narrow-mindedness and a reluctance to seek alternative solutions can have negative implications in life or career. These individuals typically see the world in black and white and are unwilling to let go of their beliefs, even if they are outdated or if a certain law doesn’t work. They often impose their will and thinking on close individuals, making them hostages to their value system.

At times, they become obsessive about following a behavioral algorithm: “this is allowed, that is not allowed.” Crossing the boundaries of what is permitted leads to conflicts of interest, which often result in severed family ties. They may become excessively fixated on order. Their living space resembles more of a hospital ward than a place of rest and security.

They may demonstrate talent in a particular field (such as academics, language learning, or guitar playing), but it is short-lived. Any criticism dampens their interest in the pursuit. It is also detrimental if they accumulate knowledge but do not share it, fail to utilize their abilities to their fullest potential, or refuse to continue learning.


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5 Arcanum in society

In communication, the 5th Arcanum of destiny manifests itself as follows. The art of speech and the gift of persuasion are the second nature of such a natural mentor and orator. At first glance, there should be no problems with communication. However, communication is sometimes complicated by life principles and perspectives. The staunch guru within, an all-knowing judge, is reluctant to relinquish their position. By letting go of the role of know-it-all, one can attract more supporters.

A simpler, heartfelt approach to people can help achieve goals more effectively than factual information and logical arguments. It is essential to genuinely love one’s contribution to this world. There should be no fear in sharing experiences or making mistakes, and speaking openly about one’s feelings without hesitation. Moreover, it is important to learn to listen to others and acknowledge different opinions and perspectives.

5 Arcanum recommendations

The person should use the knowledge and ability to influence people not to suppress them or to express one’s will. This person is given a great opportunity to change the course of events. One can successfully train others by making the complicated simple in one’s explanations. The person should give people the person’s experience and information that will help improve some traditions and foundations. The person also needs to learn to see the world in all its versatility and learn to accept everything new.

This person shouldn’t be afraid to abandon the old, if it has already outlived its own or even blemishes somehow. It’s good to receive various knowledge about life and not to keep it in oneself, spread important truths and teachings. It’s important to connect the life experience – it is no less important than the book truths and laws. One should look at life positively and should not expect bad. The person’s better control others less and be the master of the person’s life. One should cultivate confidence, then the person will be able, if one wants, to achieve a lot and take a leadership position in life.

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