5 Arcanum, The Hierophant

5 Arcanum, The Hierophant

5 Arcanum in the “plus”


5 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 5 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. For this person a variety of rules and traditions in life is very important. This person observes the norms and laws strictly and tries to call others for this. This person loves the exact sciences and authoritative knowledge. Not inclined to experiments and adventures of any kind. This person likes to teach, educate, which has a positive effect on relationships with children. The family plays a huge role in the person’s life.

This person has excellent oratorical skills; the person can receive new knowledge throughout the life and teach others. This person considers certain truths as the most reliable and often chooses a field of activity related to teaching, law enforcement, jurisprudence. The person’s logical thinking and the ability to accurately analyze are developed best of all.

5 Arcanum in the “minus”

5 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 5 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. There is a dirty trick in the limited legal boundaries and norms of thinking. This person cannot insure against all accidents and situations of life with rules and laws. Many things are not subject to them. In addition, strict adherence to academic knowledge will deprive this person of the possibility for further development. Narrow views and lack of readiness to look for different solutions may play a bad role in the life or career.

This person divides the world into black and white, is not ready to give up views if they are already outdated or some law does not work. This person often imposes the will and thinking on close people, making them hostage to the person’s value system. This person may be too focused on order sometimes. It’s also bad if this person accumulates knowledge, but doesn’t share it, doesn’t use the abilities to the fullest or refuse to learn at all.


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5 Arcanum in society

This person is a born mentor and speaker. The art of the word, the gift of persuasion is person’ssecond self. It would seem that this person cannot have problems with communication. But communications are complicated by person’s life principles and the vision of the world. Rejecting the position of know-all, this person will attract more supporters. The strict guru, the all-knowing judge, is firmly inside this person and doesn’t want to give up. Meanwhile, a simpler, cordial attitude towards people can help achieve goals more than actual information and logical arguments from this person.

The person should try to love what the person brings to this world truly, not be afraid to share experiences or do something wrong. The person should talk about what he or she has felt and really experienced by passing through oneself. The person should learn to listen to others and recognize other opinions and points of view, except the person’s own.

5 Arcanum recommendations

The person should use the knowledge and ability to influence people not to suppress them or to express one’s will. This person is given a great opportunity to change the course of events. One can successfully train others by making the complicated simple in one’s explanations. The person should give people the person’s experience and information that will help improve some traditions and foundations. The person also needs to learn to see the world in all its versatility and learn to accept everything new.

This person shouldn’t be afraid to abandon the old, if it has already outlived its own or even blemishes somehow. It’s good to receive various knowledge about life and not to keep it in oneself, spread important truths and teachings. It’s important to connect the life experience – it is no less important than the book truths and laws. One should look at life positively and should not expect bad. The person’s better control others less and be the master of the person’s life. One should cultivate confidence, then the person will be able, if one wants, to achieve a lot and take a leadership position in life.

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