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21 Arcanum, The World

21 Arcanum, The World

21 Arcanum in the “plus”


21 Arcanum in the “plus”

Arcanum 21, the Arcanum of Destiny, represents love for the world and harmony around it, a predisposition to reconcile warring parties and display the miracles of diplomacy. They do not take sides in arguments, striving to adhere to the “golden mean.” Their opinion becomes an important component for reconciling conflicting parties. They can have a subtle sense and deep understanding of the essence of things. Often, they act on a global scale and bring good and large groups of people.

They make excellent preachers, lecturers in educational institutions, and organisers of charitable foundations. The borders of the whole world are open to such individuals. They love to travel and learn something new. They strive to acquire useful experiences for self-development in every country. They can propagate their positive ideals and captivate others with their ideas.

They learn quickly and prefer not to hoard knowledge but to share it with the masses. Foreign languages come easily to them. Their best activities include working for large international companies or at least frequent trips abroad. This is facilitated by their easy adaptation to different climates, cultures, and new circumstances. They can easily move from place to place without experiencing a depressive attachment to their past place of residence.

There is also the opportunity to participate in one of the global projects that unite people from all over the world in some way (from the Olympic games to working in the fashion house of a globally renowned brand).

21 Arcanum in the “minus”

21 Arcanum in the “minus”

When faced with obstacles or unable to achieve their grand plans immediately, Arcanum 21 of Destiny may become impatient and desperate, losing faith in their abilities. They struggle to progress gradually and demand instant results. Disregarding others’ opinions, they can exhibit mood swings, dominate democratic settings, and experience resentment towards the world, leading to emotional outbursts and potential health issues. In their worst form, they contribute to discord and destruction, lacking the ability to halt verbal conflicts and causing suffering. It’s unfortunate if they limit themselves to material concerns and neglect spiritual growth, forgetting about integrity and compassion.


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21 Arcanum in society

Arcanum 21 of Destiny is a charismatic and persuasive communicator, adept at connecting with anyone. They possess the ability to understand people effortlessly and effectively utilize their skills. Fluent in multiple languages, they excel in diplomacy, international relations, and various forms of communication. They strive to use their talent for the greater good, whether by being a free advocate, organising charity events, or simply lending an ear to loved ones. It is crucial for them to maintain emotional well-being and avoid burnout or developing a negative outlook. Their destiny involves being a unifying force, establishing numerous social connections and diverse contacts.

21 Arcanum recommendations

For such individuals, serving the unity of people with noble intentions is crucial. They should maintain a positive mindset and avoid resorting to violence as a solution. The Arcanum of Destiny encourages extensive travel and freedom from attachments. They must strive to promote closeness and equality through their actions, think globally, and engage in large-scale projects. They should remember the rule of “do no harm,” be helpful without being pushy, and avoid accumulating debts. The main mission of Arcanum 21 of Destiny is to embrace new opportunities, spread unity effortlessly, and be free from material constraints.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 21 Arcanum (Wikipedia)