20 Arcanum, Judgment

20 Arcanum, Judgment

20 Arcanum in the “plus”


20 Arcanum in the “plus”

Arcanum 20 in the Matrix of Destiny has a strong connection with family. Close relatives become a source of inspiration in all endeavours. Support and mutual assistance are important to them, as they strive to feel like a unified community. They possess the ability to unite people and restore ancestral ties. Often, they act as mediators between conflicting parties, using persuasive arguments to bring about reconciliation.

They frequently possess healing abilities and a powerful energy. Their intuition is well-developed, and they often have prophetic dreams or receive information from external sources. Their deep understanding of life’s laws makes them invaluable colleagues and good friends. They do not waste energy in vain and have a clear sense of their purpose in life. Their curiosity and perseverance are nurtured by an interest in all things mysterious and unknown.

They can spend hours in libraries searching for relevant information or meticulously delve into the dusty shelves of antique shops. Arcanum 20 of Destiny has a well-developed intellect, diverse interests, and passions. Their ability to understand not only their family’s issues but also recognise flaws in others allows them to provide timely assistance in preventing tragedies.

They perceive and literally feel the ancestral lessons and recurring patterns in the lives of others. They can offer advice or draw attention to important details that can rectify complex situations in one’s destiny. They possess the skill to analyse information and effectively communicate personal experiences and knowledge to others.

20 Arcanum in the “minus”

20 Arcanum in the “minus”

Arcanum 20 in the Matrix of Destiny, with their skills, can aggressively control others, showing impatience and disrespect towards close relatives. They may harm others in fits of anger and refuse to admit their mistakes. Seeking forgiveness and letting go of grudges are challenging for them.

There is a danger of becoming judgmental, considering oneself the standard of values, and cutting off communication with family. This leads to losing support, loneliness, and depression. Complex relationships with relatives are possible.

They may swing between being overly focused on family and fearing their loss, or having strained relationships, lacking respect, and even engaging in legal disputes. Excessive materialism and using their abilities for selfish gain have negative consequences.

In their pursuit of more, they forget about moral aspects, becoming greedy and fearing loss of financial independence.

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20 Arcanum in society

The 20th arcanum is about using the natural gift of persuasion and wise insight in daily communication with different people. It is important to engage with anyone seeking help, without dividing society based on monetary principles, and paying attention to their rich inner world.

To share experiences, one can organize beneficial courses or establish a family tradition, such as an hour of openness on weekends. It is necessary to think positively, refrain from complaining about difficulties, and control internal aggression. When communicating with loved ones, it is important not to impose one’s own opinions. It is crucial to accept that everyone is free to live their own life and take care of themselves in the best way possible.

Feuds and confrontations lead to nothing, especially with family. People are drawn to those who do not judge them but approach them with kindness and tolerance.

20 Arcanum recommendations

Individuals who possess arcanum 20 in their matrix should use their abilities to work through ancestral issues and resolve recurring situations. They have the power to break the destructive chain of events and draw the family’s attention to the disrupted ancestral script. Perhaps an elder is being overlooked, or the youngest in the lineage is consistently oppressed and disempowered.

They should make every effort to unite the family, pay attention to each member, and collectively solve arising problems. They need to demonstrate to everyone that facing negativity alone is impossible. Only together can they find their way to the light. They should strive not to cling to the past, but instead focus on what is new and unusual. They should not fear making changes within themselves, whether it’s a new hairstyle or a wardrobe transformation. They should attempt to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

An opportunity will arise to transform the negative script and redirect the lives of all family members towards the positive. It is beneficial to offer help to others through kind words and actions, and not withdraw into oneself, using knowledge for the greater good. It is essential to free oneself from negativity in all aspects of life. To achieve this, it is beneficial to visit places of magical power (temples, secret caves, lofty mountains). To release negative emotions, one can find solace in the embrace of nature.

Fresh air, silence, and a sense of closeness to the origins of life will help attain physical and spiritual balance. If one cannot escape the city, they can shout from the rooftop or engage with a punching bag. While striving for material prosperity, they should not neglect spiritual growth. Throughout their lives, they should care for their health and develop their natural abilities. Most importantly, they should not succumb to laziness and view life from an optimistic perspective.

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