2 Arcanum, The High Priestess

2 Arcanum, The High Priestess

2 Arcanum in the “plus”


2 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 2 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person has an excellent ability to play the role of a diplomat since childhood: this person smooths out sharp edges in any dialogue skillfully, neutralize the negative of the interlocutors. This person has access to something that many others cannot notice due to the ability to feel and notice the important. In this case, this person is very modest and careful, does not rush to show the person’s talents.

Different sides are fighting in the character, which gives this person the flexibility of personality and, at the same time, the ability to understand and accept the points of view of different people. This person can easily soothe others and even relieve physical pain. This person understands the feelings and problems of people easily and help with wise advice. At the same time, this person often remains in the shadows and does not strive for leadership. But this person likes to learn continuously throughout life, collect information, and then redistribute it collecting people into harmonious teams.

This person adores nature and animals. This person usually has a lot of friends, but, at the same time, there are few close ones, since This person really values the privacy and does not let anyone in life. This person gives preference to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, to the extent that this person uses home-made cosmetics, wear clothes from natural materials and try to surround oneself with things of natural origin at home.

2 Arcanum in the “minus”

2 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 2 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. Neutrality in all situations and the removal of active events sometimes lead to laziness and apathy. This person does not want to do anything, everything will happen by itself, it is better not to intervene wisely. This person may experience inner discontent with oneself and the circumstances of life. Stealth, painful distrust, indifference to others and a split character are growing. This person knows a lot about others, which makes it tempting to spread rumors and gossip.

Discussion of people behind the eyes leads to the fact that this person often has to change masks and play different roles in front of each of the interlocutors. The person should be prepared that the true attitude towards people will one day be revealed. This personmay not monitor the person’s health, nutrition, choose the cheapest and low-quality products, things made of synthetic materials. This person has disregard for oneself.

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2 Arcanum recommendations

The person should be sincere in the thoughts, deeds and beliefs. It’s good to learn to trust people and let them into the life as they open up to the person. One should help with the advice, knowledge, the ability to soothe and create a warm atmosphere of spiritual comfort, without expecting recognition and reward in return. The person should develop one’s healing skills, strengthen the body, not forgetting about physical development.

The person should fight the fears and indecision, develop confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. One should learn to make decisions and take responsibility for them. It’s better to overcome passivity and duality. The knowledge and ability to understand people will help the person in this. This person should find the keys to oneself and the understanding of the true deepest desires in the same way. The person shouldn’t be afraid to give care and share the love with those who really need it.

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