19 Arcanum, The Sun

19 Arcanum, The Sun

19 Arcanum in the “plus”


19 Arcanum in the “plus”

The 19th Arcanum of Destiny is characterized by great openness, vitality, and the ability to generously share their talents with the world. Such individuals always have many people around them whom they easily win over, along with universal love. They thrive on being the center of attention, displaying a characteristic leadership position and a positive attitude towards life. They energize everything and everyone around them.

They are not afraid to be funny and enjoy organizing entertaining events. They don’t dwell on setbacks, viewing them as stepping stones towards their ultimate goal. They easily forget offenses and are incapable of causing pain or suffering to others. Their positive outlook on life opens all doors for them. They are known for their activity, love for social engagement, and a readiness for constant self-sacrifice without being overly sacrificial.

Such individuals cannot remain idle. Even during periods of rest, they find activities that bring them joy. They often spend time in hospitals, shelters, and nursing homes, sharing their warmth and care. They deeply love their close ones and strive to create maximum comfort for them, providing material well-being. Remarkable financial opportunities are available to them due to their genuine passion for their work and professionalism.

Ambition and self-demand are balanced with determination and the ability to develop in various fields. They always bring their endeavours to completion and never settle for what has been achieved.

19 Arcanum in the “minus”

19 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 19th arcanum in the matrix of destiny may experience depressive states is if they have nowhere to channel their energy and intense activity. They often choose a single pursuit and immerse themselves in it, repeatedly returning to it, forgetting about life in general, and becoming oblivious to their surroundings. They sleep little and work extensively. If things don’t go as planned and their plans crumble, they immediately blame themselves and engage in self-analysis.

Attempts to reshape their essence usually yield no results. Indifference towards everything and unwillingness to engage in anything may arise. In their negative manifestation, they become fixated on one person and unload all their energy and concern onto them. They may demand constant togetherness, control personal correspondence, and even engage in surveillance during work hours. And then they express surprise when their partner leaves.

Even worse is the display of aggression, unfounded pride, and excessive control towards a loved one. Imposing their will also fails to yield the desired results. Consequently, mood swings are frequent. Most perceive such an individual as a despot, incapable of managing their own emotions and lacking the ability to lead a large team harmoniously.


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19 Arcanum in society

The 19th Arcanum represents vibrant charisma and great sociability. They know how to joke and uplift people, being an open individual who always acts straightforwardly. They are incapable of scheming behind others’ backs. One can always rely on them, entrust them with personal matters. They never refuse to help and consider it their duty to make the world a kinder place.

Such a person usually has many good acquaintances and people who simply adore their company. They don’t strive to take on the role of a leader, preferring to downplay their abilities. They dislike overt flattery and deceit. They are generous with praise, while also enjoying compliments themselves. They have a tendency to emphasize their status in conversation. For example, when speaking with people they perceive as less successful, they always maintain a certain level of vanity and patronizing tone.

It is beneficial to show less pride and be more genuine (as they truly are deep down), treating others as equals in communication.

19 Arcanum recommendations

People who have the 19th in their matrix should strive to assert themselves in society, be open, showcase their knowledge, and undertake the biggest and most ambitious projects. Being a mere office worker is not enough for them; their role is that of a manager, director, or head of a large department in a company. They always know what they want. There’s no need to fear taking responsibility and learning to be flexible when plans need adjustment due to external circumstances.

It’s important to pay more attention to other people’s problems, not confine oneself to one’s own superiority, and not portray oneself as a “deity.” It’s also crucial not to forget about the creative side of one’s personality, which should be expressed, even if only through hobbies. Joining a sports club or playing ball in the courtyard can be beneficial. It helps release unnecessary tension and clears the mind from unnecessary information. It is advisable to avoid excessive workaholism, control over people, and circumstances.

At the same time, it’s essential to remember to rest and take care of oneself. Focus on positive moments and avoid channeling all energy and love into one person. Living and acting in society, pursuing a beloved vocation, rather than working solely for prestige and money, is important. This way, true success and financial prosperity can be achieved.

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