18 Arcanum, The Moon

18 Arcanum, The Moon

18 Arcanum in the “plus”


18 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 18 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person is very deep, possesses some kind of mystical attraction, mysterious. This person can boast of a developed imagination and natural intuition. This person has a strong connection with the Moon, on which person’s well-being and all life cycles depend. This person can manage events and the life with positive thinking. The thoughts quite simply materialize thanks to a strong energy. It is possible that this person will make person’s magical abilities a profession.

This person has diverse interests and can develop in any direction that interests this person. Often there is a talent for writing. This person loves to create beautiful atmosphere around the person and surround oneself with beautiful people, choosing a social circle for this quality precisely. Able to scoop information from any source and quickly process it. This person is endowed with spatial figurative thinking, which can be useful in different areas.

18 Arcanum in the “minus”

18 Arcanum in the “ minus”

When the 18 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. Negative thinking can reduce to zero all this person’s natural benefits, because all the thoughts easily materialize. Various fears and doubts can hinder the development. It’s bad not to be able to listen to oneself, to manage the mind and forces. In doubt, this person can stop acting at all. And unfulfilled desires continue to torment this person and exhaust energetically. Thesubtle nature is too receptive and there is a temptation to take revenge on the offenders, using the magical abilities.

This person can do it simply even in a blaze of anger, without thinking about the consequences. Then the evil done is returned in an enhanced amount. Therefore, the person shouldn’t fall for the proposals to use the special abilities to affect anyone negatively.


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18 Arcanum in society

Despite the attractiveness to others, this person is not very comfortable in a large society. Prefersto communicate in a small company, or even one by one. This person has a gust of people, but not particularly is interested in communication. This person allows to the circle few people, keeping a distance.

It is important not to distance oneself from society, but to maintain contact with people consciously at least at the minimum comfortable level for the personThis personlistens a lot and speaks little, but always weighty. This person is considered a good and intelligent interlocutor. People are attracted to the mysterious magnetism and understatement.

18 Arcanum recommendations

The person should develop creative makings in oneself, surround oneself with pleasant people and create only positive emotions. The person should listen to the sensations and the intuition, try to live in compliance with the person’s natural rhythms. The person should use visualization to fulfill desires as actively as possible: from the screen saver on the computer screen to the desire card. It’s important to control the thoughts always concentrating on the positive.

The person should contact more often with water that heals and energizes the person. This person should always drink plenty of fluids, maintaining its balance in the body. The person should not forget to thank fate for help and develop the magical abilities for the benefit and for helping others. The person should not neglect mystical knowledge, but always stay in the real world. It’s important to live consciously, with clear goals, learn to distinguish the necessary and the important from the false and the secondary.

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