17 Arcanum, The Star

17 Arcanum, The Star

17 Arcanum in the “plus”

17 Arcanum in the “plus”

Arcanum 17 is a true shining star from birth, gifted with talents. Even if a creative profession is not pursued, these abilities will manifest in everyday life. They enjoy engaging in artistic pursuits and crafts. Life optimists, they love embellishing their homes with objects made from various materials. They dislike dullness in everything (even in clothing, they prefer mixing different styles and colors).

Their ability to stand out from the crowd, engage in various forms of creativity, and express their individuality attracts heightened attention. They enjoy being at the center of the universe and leverage their success for career advancement. With a strong sensitivity to energies, they possess a unique imagination and creative thinking. They can offer a dozen solutions to any problem.

Prophetic dreams may occur, and intuitive or extrasensory abilities are developed. By choosing one occupation and becoming a professional in it, they have the potential to achieve great success and dazzling fame. Such individuals are kind-hearted and compassionate, capable of healing others. They adore flowers, nature, and the arts, drawing inspiration and energy from them. They have a knack for charming and captivating others.

17 Arcanum in the “minus”

17 Arcanum in the “minus”

Difficulties can arise in accepting oneself and one’s unique role: introversion, self-doubt, and excessive modesty. They need constant support from loved ones to thrive. They may be reluctant to share their creations and meticulously guard them from prying eyes. On the opposite end, excessive pride and arrogance, a perpetual desire to place oneself above others can manifest (often referred to as having a “crown on their head”).

Arcanum 17 can become too caught up in a glamorous “star-studded” life, leading to selfishness, demanding behavior, and even tantrums or cruelty. They may struggle with self-organization and live a chaotic lifestyle. Nervous and physical exhaustion often result from frequent indulgence in entertainment events and an improper way of living. Inability to focus on one thing hinders their path to success.

Such individuals may hold great promise in childhood and youth but become ordinary adults with latent abilities that they fail to develop, squandering their time. Disorganization, capriciousness, apathy, creative crises, and lack of character can also impede their success. Maintaining their uniqueness requires a clear daily routine, a willingness to continuously learn something new, staying open to communication, and not rejecting assistance.


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17 Arcanum in society

Arcanum 17 in the matrix can make a person expressive or arrogant in communication, displaying capriciousness or a complex character. Others forgive them for their talent and star status. Success can be achieved by simplicity. Balancing activity and laziness is important to avoid emotional breakdowns and depressive moods.

17 Arcanum recommendations

Arcanum 17 urges one to live a real life while embracing creativity. Success requires effort and setting clear goals. Avoid the temptation to be superior to others. Remember that fame is temporary. In creative professions, such as acting or singing, prioritize helping others rather than seeking fame. Don’t confuse scripted roles with personal life. Stay optimistic, avoid negative influences, and maintain physical and emotional balance. Moderation is key.

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