15 Arcanum, The Devil

15 Arcanum, The Devil

15 Arcanum in the “plus”


15 Arcanum in the “plus”

Arcanum 15 in the Matrix of Destiny represents a cheerful and energetic individual who possesses a keen insight into people. They radiate positivity and effortlessly share their light-hearted emotions with the world. They are open to experiments and adventures, whether in the company of others or on their own. They possess the ability to control situations and influence people to unfold events in the desired direction.

Through temptations, they reveal people’s weaknesses, enabling them to recognize and work on their negative traits. They themselves avoid wasting life in vain pursuits. Every endeavor they undertake aims to bring not only joy but also benefit to those around them. They have a knack for entertainment and pleasure, and an appreciation for luxury and material possessions.

However, they are not fixated on materialism and can engage in profound discussions on sensitive emotional topics. They often possess gifts of clairvoyance or a well-developed intuition. Their life wisdom grants them deep understanding of various matters and the ability to provide valuable advice. Their oratorical skills can untangle even the most complex stories and help individuals find their source of inspiration.

They are talented in many areas, from attracting wealth like a magnet and succeeding in business to captivating people with their charm. Their attractive appearance and stylish demeanour further contribute to their prosperity and acquisition of material wealth, which they aspire to. Their passionate nature attracts individuals of the opposite sex. They not only enjoy the best that life has to offer but also wholeheartedly give themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

15 Arcanum in the “minus”

15 Arcanum in the “minus”

Arcanum 15 in the matrix of destiny represents a love for luxury, and an excessive pursuit of material wealth can lead one astray. At the very least, it manifests as careerism, while at the extreme, it involves exploiting one’s position for personal gain and involvement in questionable criminal groups. Excessive greed and selfishness can hinder one’s achievements. The thirst for power makes them cruel towards subordinates, willing to betray others to achieve their goals.

Excessive confidence in their authority can swiftly destroy their ideal life. There are cases where the gift of magical abilities, clairvoyance, and dark magic is used for personal purposes. Immersed in the realm of the supernatural, there is a risk of suppressing their inner light, leading to indifference and secrecy. Emotional outbursts in crowded places are not uncommon.

They may excessively control and even display aggression towards their loved ones. Their authoritarianism and manipulation of others yield no positive outcomes. In the end, such individuals accumulate more material possessions, but they must periodically share and help others for their finances to return in even greater abundance.


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15 Arcanum in society

Arcanum 15 is a magnet for many people. They themselves enjoy the pleasures of life and constantly allure others into their company. Their persuasive skills help create a truly cohesive team that can efficiently and swiftly accomplish tasks. By setting an example, they demonstrate that faith in one’s own abilities and creative potential can lead to a comfortable life.

They have a keen insight into the dark sides of others’ characters and bring them to light, enabling individuals to change for the better. It is important to approach this process with utmost care: treating people and engaging with them as one would like to be treated. They are the life of the party, possessing wisdom, sociability, and cheerfulness, as long as they do not veer too far into selfishness and self-admiration. It is crucial to use their abilities for the greater good and avoid manipulating people or exercising excessive control.

15 Arcanum recommendations

When Arcanum 15 of destiny is present in one’s life matrix, it is important for that person to develop their unique abilities, never settling for what has been achieved. They should not become fixated on money and overly materialistic desires. It is crucial to work on the spiritual realm, learning to see not only people’s weaknesses and vices but also their positive traits.

Maintaining positivity in any situation and accepting events as they are, without judgment, is important. It is beneficial to give as much as one takes, fostering further growth and prosperity. Supporting others without shaming them for their weaknesses and helping them grow is the right approach. It is advisable not to forcefully control people. Learning to trust subordinates and effectively delegating responsibilities for the best results is key.

Being able to let go of situations and detach oneself from events is necessary. Accepting that everyone has the right to act and live according to their desires and beliefs, even if they are mistaken, is important. Achieving emotional stability can be aided by periods of solitude away from everything and everyone. Changing the familiar environment and giving the entire being a rest, such as going to the mountains or a secluded forest, can be highly beneficial.

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