14 Arcanum, Temperance

14 Arcanum, Temperance

14 Arcanum in the “plus”

14 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 14 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person has an adult outlook on life, regardless of age. This person has a subtle artistic taste and adore everything related to art (theater, painting, poetry, architecture, etc.). A big circle of hobbies and intellectual activities, thanks to which this person is reputed to be real experts in many areas at once.

There are good abilities to master foreign languages. This person travels a lot and can choose art activities at international level. This person lives a reasonable life, often has the right habits of living, is modest in addiction to food and other physical pleasures.

This person has the ability to heal with natural remedies (herbs). This person is friendly and balanced, loves animals and natural beauty. Appeals to people on an equal footing, with respect and dignity. This person can take a leadership position, but does not strive for this.

14 Arcanum in the “minus”

14 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 14 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. High sensitivity and vulnerability can interfere with enjoying the beautiful in life. This person becomes touchy, suspicious; this person can shrink into oneself. During the periods of bad mood, immoderation in food and licentiousness in life can occur. There is a risk of various rather strong and harmful addictions. Perhaps this person holds on to the past too much, this person cannot forgive and let go, which hinders the development.

This person gives up the beautiful, betiding life in favor of obsession with material goods. There are periods of emptiness and lack of faith in oneself, the creative possibilities, when this person closes oneself even more from the outer world and shrinks into oneself.


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14 Arcanum in society

It is not easy for this person to communicate with most people, since the person is a sensitive and vulnerable nature. This person is oppressed by rude and ignorant, arrogant interlocutors. It is sometimes easier for the person to communicate with people indirectly and share the thoughts through works of art, as all great the great names of history did.

The person should try not to lose heart and not to break off contacts with society. In each person, as in the work of creativity, there is both beautiful and terrifying. It is important to be able to consider positive and accept people in all their diversity. This person creates the works not for the sake of art, but to show the deep view of things to the world, to teach others to perceive the beauty.

14 Arcanum recommendations

A subtle soul is given to this person for the ability to feel the beautiful even in the ordinary life events. This person can engage in creativity to bring the person’s vision to people. To write poetry, to create music is better in solitude, but the person should not rely in oneself. This person needs to keep in touch with the outer world, where the person gets impressions. The person should get rid of negative emotions, nourish the mind and purify the soul.

It’s good to feed off positive energy from works of art, drawing strength and inspiration from them. The person should spend time by the water. In general, all contacts with water are very useful for this person. The person should fight addictions and the physical weaknesses, avoid immoderation in everything. The person should always believe in oneself and the creative abilities, develop them.

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