14 Arcanum, Temperance

14 Arcanum, Temperance

14 Arcanum in the “plus”

14 Arcanum in the “plus”

Arcanum 14 represents a mature outlook on life regardless of age. They are highly emotional and open to communication, easily engaging with unfamiliar people. Their refined artistic taste combines with a love for everything related to art (theater, painting, poetry, architecture, etc.). With a wide range of interests and intellectual pursuits, they are renowned as true connoisseurs in many fields simultaneously.

They skillfully combine opposing spheres of activity. They can excel equally in composing poetry and being a chess champion. They possess good abilities for learning foreign languages. Education comes easily to them, especially when the subject is beneficial for expanding their horizons or future employment opportunities. They travel extensively and may pursue careers in the international art scene. They adapt quickly to new living conditions and willingly absorb the cultural behaviors and communication styles of people from different countries.

Their sensible existence is often complemented by a healthy lifestyle, modesty in culinary and other physical pleasures. They strive to live within their means, avoiding unnecessary material possessions. They may have natural healing abilities, particularly with herbal remedies. Such individuals are kind-hearted and balanced, appreciating animals and the beauty of nature. They treat others as equals, with respect and dignity. They can assume leadership positions, but do not actively seek them out.

14 Arcanum in the “minus”

14 Arcanum in the “minus”

Arcanum 14 exhibits a heightened sensitivity and vulnerability that can hinder the enjoyment of life’s beauty. They struggle with forgiving and often disappoint others with their sharp judgments and excessive fussiness over trivial matters. This person becomes easily offended, suspicious, and may withdraw into themselves.

During periods of low mood, there is a tendency towards excessive eating and indulgence in loose living. There is a risk of developing various strong dependencies and harmful habits that persist throughout their lives. They wear their emotions on their sleeve, enjoy suffering, and crave constant praise and admiration. It is possible that such an individual clings too tightly to the past, lacks forgiveness and the ability to let go, which hinders personal growth.

They forsake the pursuit of beauty and a deeper understanding of life in favor of an obsession with material possessions. Feelings of envy towards others’ success often drive them towards a manic desire to be better, more talented, and more renowned, leading to bouts of workaholism to the point of exhaustion. There are periods of emptiness and self-doubt when they further withdraw from the world and become introspective.


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14 Arcanum in society

For individuals with the delicate and sensitive nature of Arcanum 14 of destiny, interacting with most people can be challenging. They feel oppressed by rude, ignorant, and insolent individuals. They prefer to distance themselves as far as possible from such personalities, as they are met with contempt from the majority. They are labeled as outsiders, judged, and ostracized simply because they are different.

Sometimes, it is easier to communicate indirectly with people and convey their thoughts through works of art, as the great ones have done. They must not lose heart or sever ties with society. It is important to remain composed, not succumb to depression from judgmental glances, and avoid or prevent conflictual situations. In every person, just like in a work of art, there is both beauty and the terrifying.

It is crucial to be able to recognise the positive and accept people in all their diversity. If one creates works not just for the sake of art but to showcase their profound perspective to the world, they can teach others to appreciate beauty.

14 Arcanum recommendations

Arcanum 14 of destiny possesses a sensitive soul that can perceive beauty in the ordinary. They engage in artistic pursuits to convey their vision. Solitude fuels their creativity, but they remain connected to the world. Managing time and balancing physical and intellectual exertion are important. Releasing negativity, finding inspiration in art, and spending time near water cleanse the soul. They combat dependencies and embrace optimism. Their creative abilities resonate with those in technical professions.

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