13 Arcanum, Death

13 Arcanum, Death

13 Arcanum in the “plus”


13 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 13 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person is a very interesting and outstanding personality. This person is always surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery and incomprehensible mysticism. This person often does not know all the facets of the person’s personality and all the person’s own capabilities. This person is interested in various aspects of life, inquisitive and creative, respond to everything new and unusual easily.

This person helps people and society to destroy the old and obsolete, to let go of situations and to receive important spiritual experience from the past. This person can hold properly and not lose the head in any extreme situation. This person concentrates easily and in the most difficult conditions act without panic.

This person understands the course of natural life cycles philosophically. This person has dulled the fear of danger and death, loves extreme. It is not surprising if this person chooses a specialty related to hazards (a rescuer, an Emergency Ministry officer, etc.).

13 Arcanum in the “minus”

13 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 13 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. It is possible that this person may scatter on many things at once, while not bringing one to the end. Vigorous energy forces this person to intervene in cases and various circumstances. This person is trying to make changes and destruction forcibly where people are not ready for them. This person can be unpredictable even for oneself, suffer from impermanence, outbursts of aggression and mood swings.

The equipment around can break down, light bulbs burn out after those emissions of negative energy. In pursuit of strong feelings and emotions, this personcan take a very strong risk, constantly literally walking on the verge of life and death, an unreasonable and stupid risk. At the same time, this person can be afraid for the loved ones and take too much care of them from all sorts of dangers, hold on to the past, to the people who have left the person’s life, and also – on the household plan – clutter up the house with unnecessary things.


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13 Arcanum in society

Person’s adaptive skills are expressed in the ability to communicate with different people. This person makes acquaintances in any new company, on the road easily, even with people in the most emergency situations is able to find contact and use the power of persuasion. This personattracts interlocutors with the depth, mystery and, at the same time, a combination with amazing ease of communication.

This person has seen a lot and has the experience that allows (as the person thinks) to promote the opinion and the ideas. Tips in an authoritarian spirit turn into instructions on how people should live. If this person is not listened to, the person should not show aggression, it is better to step aside wisely. After people are ripe for change, the person can help them.

13 Arcanum recommendations

This person has been given great strength, excellent memory, the ability to concentrate and act in difficult life situations. This person understands and accepts the most different events and teaches people around what the person can. It is good to be engaged in crisis management of companies, to work as a lifeguard. This person needs to use the thirst for extreme actively. It should not be thoughtless risk, but the use of its capabilities for the benefit of people. The person should not try hard to change the course of events that have already been flowing harmoniously.

The person should not impose the opinion and serious changes on others. Destruction and renewal should be prepared and expected in the system itself and the lives of people, and not as a hurricane that came suddenly. It’s important to learn to control oneself and the emotions, stick to one’s own energy cycles and listen to one’s inner feelings. The person should appreciate life and learn to relax from time to time.

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