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12 Arcanum, The Hanged Man

12 Arcanum,The Hanged Man

12 Arcanum in the “plus”

12 Arcanum in the “plus”

The ability to extract all the creative and unusual aspects from any information, generating ideas for various projects in any field of activity – that’s what the 12th Arcanum is all about. It is characterized not only by a creative approach but also by self-discipline, the ability to manage situations and organize people. They view the world from a positive perspective. For them, there are no bad people; there are individuals with complexes or those who lack attention, and they believe in helping them. Their loving and sincere heart, along with an open soul, attracts many.

They see the whole world as a family, and people as brothers and sisters – that’s their life motto. They often selflessly assist others with responsiveness and the ability to show genuine compassion. They do a lot for others, sometimes even forgetting about their own needs. They have the ability to accept every person as they are, offering them unconditional love, understanding, and without judgment. They are constantly evolving spiritually and possess a wealth of experience.

12 Arcanum in the “minus”

12 Arcanum in the “minus”

Due to their high self-sacrifice, the 12th Arcanum tends to take other people’s problems too close to heart. They suffer from depression and apathy as a result. Forgetting about themselves, they fail to show love towards their own being and end up sacrificing too much for others. It often happens that they become strongly attached to one person, and when they lose that relationship, they struggle to find the strength to live and develop further.

They often don’t want to let go of their loved ones, and they pursue them, bombarding them with calls and messages, and publicly displaying their emotional state. It is detrimental to neglect self-improvement in favor of everyday tasks and solving other people’s problems. It is harmful to halt spiritual growth and the pursuit of complex life truths and patterns. Often, these individuals shoulder an excessive burden of caring for others.

And when they can’t cope, they simply start ignoring the situation. This manifests as lateness, a pessimistic mood, apathy, and it can even lead to real illness. Their inability, or rather the difficulty, in saying “no” to everyone they encounter leads to the complete degradation of their own self. When there is nothing else to focus on besides caring for others, they are left with no energy or resources.

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12 Arcanum in society

Arcanum 12 represents spiritual experience and understanding of human nature, which help to find common ground and interact with others. People often seek out such individuals for help or advice. It is important to communicate with everyone on an equal footing, without elevating oneself.

Do not allow anyone to use you as a servant. Each person should understand and acknowledge their place in life. Avoid becoming too attached to anyone to the point where you cannot live without them. Learn to forgive and let go of past grievances. Accumulated negative energy hinders the path of goodness and justice. It is crucial to learn how to assert personal boundaries and interests.

Do not hesitate to seek advice and guidance from others, acknowledging your lack of knowledge in certain matters. By openly discussing your own concerns and interests, you will be able to establish and defend your boundaries in interactions with others.

12 Arcanum recommendations

Arcanum 12 of Destiny teaches the importance of both giving and receiving love and care. It’s essential to find a balance between personal growth and helping others. Selectively choose whom to assist, focusing on those truly in need. Avoid the pitfall of imposing help or seeking recognition. Advocate for yourself and establish healthy boundaries. Embrace self-care practices and learn to assertively decline when necessary. Explore various methods to combat melancholy, such as engaging in yoga or nurturing creative hobbies. Remember to prioritize your well-being while offering support to others.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 12 Arcanum (Wikipedia)