11 Arcanum, Justice

11 Arcanum, Justice

11 Arcanum in the “plus”


11 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 11 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person has great strength, which can be expressed in different ways: in physical abilities, strength of mind or power of the word if this person needs to convince people. This person is hardworking, constantly in business, the person cannot sit still and idle. This person loves sports and can even choose a fitness-related sphere as a profession (instructor). This person has a low pain threshold of sensitivity, which makes the person even more invulnerable.

This person is usually cheerful and lives with an open mind. This person is optimistic and ready for new acquaintances. This person can take a leadership position and take on the solution of complex issues and responsibility for others. The person’s company is always easy and comfortable to spend time with. Purposefulness and activity – the assistants in all endeavors.

11 Arcanum in the “minus”

11 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 11 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. It is bad if this person begins to use the power to the detriment of others and oneself. This person starts to behave aggressively, arrogantly, to enter into conflicts. This person washes out thebody with unbearable workouts or workaholism at work. This person does not know how to relax and is annoyed at others if they are doing something slowly or they are inactive. This person cannot adjust to the frequency of bursts of activity and decline of the internal energy, poorly manages emotions and vital forces.

This person cannot see the situation here and now and enjoys the present moment. In the race for the result this person misses the best moments of the present. This person controls the loved ones too much and makes them live at the person’s pace. This person is intolerant of the weaknesses of others.


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11 Arcanum society

With the positive and indefatigable energy, this person can become the organizer and soul of any company. A person who will gather and unite everyone around him or her and push to activity. This person is sociable, kind, positive in nature. Forgets the bad easily and does not concentrate on failures. It helps this person have a lot of like-minded friends and followers.

The person should try to maintain neutrality in disputes and to show wisdom and deliberation in actions. The person should solve conflicts more by reason and diplomacy, and not by force, which is already given to the person in full, more than others. The person should learn to defend the position and influence people with soft power and arguments.

11 Arcanum recommendations

This person should learn to relax and give oneself a rest. It’s good to try to go to a fitness club, to have massages, to do yoga and other practices for body development and relaxation. The person should not fuss and learn not to hurry others. This person needs to take others as they are. Not everyone is given the person’s energy and vitality, so everyone has the right to live at their own pace. The person should not overstrain and give up part of the work, learn to manage one’s time. The person should control the outbursts of negativity and violent emotions.

This person needs to focus on spiritual development and learn how to manage one’s own energy. This person should not go to the result in any way and achieve everything by force. The person should be able to see the positive moments in everything and not create enemies and obstacles for oneself from scratch. It is important to grow up, gain independence and cut the umbilical cord in a relationship with the mother. It is advisable not to share the plans with her, if she does not approve the person’s choice, the person will not be able to carry out the plans.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 11 Arcanum (Wikipedia)