10 Arcanum, Wheel of Fortune

10 Arcanum, Wheel of Fortune

10 Arcanum in the “plus”


10 Arcanum in the “plus”

When the 10 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a positive state. This person is a real lucky person and the darling of fortune, born under a lucky star. Good luck and various benefits come to the hand. All the doors open as if because of magic, and the people around the person offer their support or favorable terms of cooperation.

This person is light on the feet, pleasant to talk to, does not aspire to be a leader. This person can easily work in a team, and the energy and talent, along with luckiness, help to promote every project. This person goes through life easily, as if not straining. Therefore, many people think that this person is lazy. In fact, it is important for this person to catch the energy wave (vocation, idea, deed) and follow it without fail. Good luck accompanies people around the person if this person feels happy and comfortable with them.

This person is open to everything new, masters the necessary skills easily. This person is characterized by positive thinking and cheerful, easy temperament. Ready to share everything the person has. Open to people and kindhearted.

10 Arcanum in the “minus”

10 Arcanum in the “minus”

When the 10 arcanum in the matrix of destiny is in a negative state. As long as this person lives freely and easily, relying on the will of the luck and the wisdom of fate, everything in the life goes easy. As soon as this person starts to feel anxious, startsworrying and fussing, negative changes begin to occur in life. This person turns off the happy journey, grabs any opportunity, takes on exhausting work. And things get worse. If this person does not follow the golden mean, troubles begin in life. Mistrust of oneself and the way knocks this person down.

The tides of desperate workaholism are replaced by laziness. At the same time, this person forgets that all benefits are given to this person by life for a reason. Something needs to be done independently. This person is sometimes afraid to make a decision, does not want to take responsibility for oneself, is not ready to take the first steps in any business.


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10 Arcanum in society

Versatile and active communication is essential in the life. The person should try to rotate in society and not miss the opportunities provided to the person. Many of them are just opening through other people, useful contacts. The person should be calm about the success and not boast about achievements before others. The person is appreciated for the pleasantness in communication, cheerfulness, light character.

The person should remain true to oneself and not try others to like the person deliberately. It’s important to avoid excessive superficiality in conversations, so as not considered to be an empty person. The person should maintain business contacts and personal contacts actively. The person should not refuse patronage. The person should develop the ability to read useful information in space and notice special signs.

10 Arcanum recommendations

The person should choose the path in life and follow it. If this person does everything right, luck will come in everything. And the energy of the universe will help. The person should not try to change much in life. It’s important to trust the fate and follow its intuitive prompts. If this person begins to provoke significant changes, luck may go away and difficult time with different troubles will begin.

The person should try to treat everything easily, think positively. It’s important to develop an inner core that will help maintain peace of mind in any circumstances. The person should record the thoughts and learn to discipline. It’s good to start planning. The person should make the most of the person’s lucky opportunities, keep up the great work. It’s needed to be individual and independent, always believe in the success.

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