10 Arcanum, Wheel of Fortune

10 Arcanum, Wheel of Fortune

10 Arcanum in the “plus”


10 Arcanum in the “plus”

The 10th Arcanum is a true lucky charm, born under a fortunate star. Luck and various blessings effortlessly come their way. Doors mysteriously open, and people offer their support or advantageous collaboration conditions. This person is upbeat, pleasant in conversation, and not driven to be a leader.

They excel in teamwork, and their energy, talent, and good fortune help drive any project forward. They become the creator of a successful atmosphere. They are loved and appreciated. Their ability to navigate through life with ease gives the impression that they are lazy. In reality, it’s important for them to catch their energetic wave (calling, idea, purpose) and steadfastly follow it.

Luck accompanies those around this unique individual if they feel happy and comfortable in their presence. Their openness to new experiences allows them to effortlessly acquire the necessary skills. They possess a positive mindset and a cheerful disposition, always ready to share what they have. Their openness to people is combined with kindness. They are not interested in material aspects of life.

For them, simple human interaction and support are essential. They are content with little and do not strive to have more than what they currently possess.

10 Arcanum in the “minus”

10 Arcanum in the “minus”

As long as the 10th Arcanum lives easy and freely, relying on the will of luck and the wisdom of destiny, everything in life goes smoothly. However, as soon as they become nervous, anxious, and restless, negative changes start to occur. Straying from their happy path, they grasp onto any opportunity and engage in exhausting work, only to make things worse. Neglecting the golden mean in life leads to unpleasant consequences.

They often leave many tasks unfinished (education, starting a family, work projects). They procrastinate, frequently forgetting about promised gifts or requests. They cannot manage without outside help when facing difficult tasks and constantly demand attention from their loved ones. Distrust in themselves and their path throws them off balance. Waves of desperate workaholism are followed by laziness.

In doing so, they forget that life doesn’t grant its blessings without effort. Something needs to be done independently. In their negative manifestations, they sometimes fear making decisions, avoid taking responsibility, and are unwilling to take the first steps in any endeavor. Emotional fluctuations take a toll on their physical well-being. Nervousness intensifies, sleep is disrupted, mood swings occur, and a loss of appetite leads to exhaustion and depletion of energy.

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10 Arcanum in society

Varied and active communication plays an important role in the lives of individuals with the 10th Arcanum of destiny. Seizing opportunities to socialize is crucial. Many successful moments unfold through interactions with others and valuable connections. However, it is important to approach personal success with calmness and refrain from boasting about achievements to others. These individuals appreciate being valued for their pleasant demeanor, cheerfulness, and easygoing nature.

It is essential to remember that success is temporary, and sacrifices may be necessary to maintain stability. Sharing one’s knowledge and being generous and helpful to others helps build a solid foundation for personal growth. Therefore, it is important to stay true to oneself and not overly seek approval from others.

It is advisable to control one’s speech and avoid superficiality in conversations to avoid being seen as a shallow person. Reading more scientific literature related to one’s field of work and attending self-improvement workshops are beneficial. Meditation can also have a positive impact in establishing inner harmony between the festive and workaholic aspects of one’s personality.

Maintaining professional contacts and personal relationships is important. It is wise not to refuse the patronage of influential individuals. Furthermore, the ability to perceive information in the environment and notice special signs will prove advantageous.

10 Arcanum recommendations

The 10th should carefully choose their unique path in life and have faith in their intuitive guidance. It is essential to cultivate a positive mindset and not hesitate to seek support from loved ones when faced with pessimism. By making the most of fortunate opportunities and embracing individuality and independence, one can navigate the journey towards success and fulfillment. It is also beneficial to develop an inner core and practice self-discipline, continually striving for personal growth. Engaging in thoughtful planning and utilizing one’s talents and strengths will pave the way for a purposeful and rewarding life.

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The description of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method is very similar to the meanings of the older Tarot Arcana. Description of the 10 Arcanum (Wikipedia)